There are several stunning regions in Slovakia, from Liptov to Orava, Saris to Gemer. All are outstanding. But none match the Spis region.



In a picturesque clearway of the High Tatras, since 1946, so called Great Poprad, which entered the people’s minds not only in Slovakia, but also the minds of international community as a gateway to the smallest European alpine mountains, has begun to write its history.  Poprad, the first written record of which is preserved from 1256, used to be for 690 years, the whole Medieval and New Ages (until 1946), just one of the towns creating the current town of Poprad with 55,000 inhabitants.


Spišská Sobota

Spisska Sobota is the most interesting and historically most picturesque part of Poprad, today’s administrative and business centre of the region under High Tatra mountains. Refereed to as Forum Sabbathe (Saturday’s Market) and later on as Sanctus Georgius, the town was first mentioned in 1256. Spisska Sobota is a small town founded on a northern Slovakian trade route called Via Magna leading from Zilina in the West to Levoca in the East. This road is also connected to the Hungarian Empire with Poland.



The location of the Hotel Fortuna creates the possibility of taking part in various sporting activities and events all year round situated within short distances from the town.







Tatra Gallery                                                   

Disco, Bowling, Snooker, Darts


Sports and Tourism

Aquacity Poprad        (600m)                          

Ice hockey arena         (400m)                          

Tennis courts              (600m)

Golf Course – Velká Lomnica (25km)             

Ski resorts                   (from 12km)                 

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Cycling and mountain cycling                                   bicycle hire is available

Water rafting                            

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